Scatter Rally Calendar:

January 25th 2024 - Oli Stott / Ian Young

February 29th 2024 - Dave Edwards / Paul Dolby

March 28th 2024 - Pete Phennah / Ash Furlong

July 4th - Harry Stubbs / Pat the dog

September 26th 2024 - Dan Jones / Cyril Jones

October 31th 2024 - Adam Forrester / Ben Forrester

November 28th 2023 - Tomi Jones / Harry Stubbs

Regulations and Entries are now open for the 4th Round of 2024 Scatter Championship

****Regulations Here- PDF****

****Online Entry Form****

****​Scatter Championship Standings after Rd3***

Navigational Scatter Rally

2024 Nav Run Championship

What is a scatter Rally?

Navigational Scatters are a fun type event where competitors can learn about map reading and are one of the first stepping stones to other motor sport events. There is no given route to a scatter, competitors are given a random selection of locations to visit. Competitors make their own way to a maximum of 75% of these locations then travel to the finish. Similar to a treasure hunt.

The clue points are given in the form of 6 figure map reference which are plotted on an Ordinance Survey Map, using a Romer. Once the crew has made there why to the point on the map they must answer a question about an item at that location (i.e. What time is the post collection here? or What is the total mileage on the sign post or How many steps up the bank are there).

The event will have a start and finish venue and a start and finish time. These are the only timing allowed on the event.

Scatters must comply with Regulation 5(b) of the Motor Vehicles (Competitions and Trials) Regulations 1969.
“An event in which no merit is attached to completing the event with the lowest mileage and in which, as respects such part of the event as is held on a public highway, there are no performance tests and no route and competitors are not timed or required to visit the same places; except that they may be required to finish at the same place by a specified time”

A scatter rally is not a race and all crews must abide by the highway code and all the traffic regulation

At the moment we will be restricting max entries to 12 cars per event unless there is a higher demand

Broughton-Bretton Motor club